We just enjoyed watching skiskyting competition which held in our city. The participant came from various places in Norway. The competition itself consisted of various scale from children to adult. They showed the very best performances of them at  the day. For adults people, they did not do only skiskyting performance but also shooting performance. Both of these performance needed different activities, concentration and action. It was just nice to watch them and gave support during the competition. This competition was started in the morning and closed at the mid night after the live performance from well known singer and musician in our city. Many people from other cities in Norway also came to enjoy and celebrate blink festival 2010 in our city. Some of them also came from other countries outside Norway just to enjoy this festival. We just could not wait to see more of their performance from participant who succeed to get into final session. They must be good and qualified in order to go to the next level.

And the other good news was the government gave everybody in our city to have free food and drink… Many people never stop came to the food center and they did not care of long queque just only to get free food. Wow, it was very nice festival at the day. But, the most important was that we enjoyed celebrating  this summer festival among other people in our community!