Today, everybody in Norway celebrates the Norwegian Independence Day. There are a lot of activities held in every place within Norway starting from official ceremony in the early morning till parade in the late afternoon. We just enjoyed the parade in the downtown such as marching band, group of people from many actives organizations in the community from sport, till cultures, group of teenager and also live music where some couples can dance together. They are really good in performing their ability in front of  all of the audiences who see them. Some streets are closed for some hours since the streets are using for this parade.It is a whole day entertainment held in every town in Norway including our town. Everybody seems to enjoy those of entertainment. Most of them are people who are living in this town, but some of them also are coming from other region to see the celebration and visiting their family in this town..

After some hours walking around and seeing some attractions during this indepence day, we just have relax in the café downtown and continue to watch the rest of entertainment afterwards :).

Happy Independence Day to Norway Country!