May 2010

It was so nice time to gather with our neighbors this afternoon as the summer will start coming next week. Thanks God the weather was sun shine today and made the garden party run well. Everybody seemed enjoying talking each other, some were dancing, playing saxophone and strengthening fellowship among neighbors where we have been living in our apartment till now.

The party was held in garden area which located in the middle of our apartment and beside the fjord. It was just a perfect place to have the garden party! Some friends already well-prepared this gathering before the party was begun. We ate shrimps with bread and mayonnaise, cake, chips and some drinks.  That is one of the typical foods where Norwegian people eat when they have gathering like this.

We did not realize that the time was night already since we just enjoying talking each other and the sky was still bright in the late spring. It was the time for us to go back home, but some of our neighbors still enjoyed the party so much…  We just regularly to have this such kind of gathering in the early of summer. Hopefully we can have this party next year again!

Really nice garden party :). 


It was the end of the Norwegian class today. We had a small party together to celebrate the end of this class where in the next three months we will have another Norwegian class. We did not forget also to say thank for our teacher kindness who teached us during this semester.

Hopefully we will study in the same class again for the next semester. It just a nice opportunity to learn Norwegian course together with you all. Have a good summer vacation to all of you and see you in the next class!


Today, everybody in Norway celebrates the Norwegian Independence Day. There are a lot of activities held in every place within Norway starting from official ceremony in the early morning till parade in the late afternoon. We just enjoyed the parade in the downtown such as marching band, group of people from many actives organizations in the community from sport, till cultures, group of teenager and also live music where some couples can dance together. They are really good in performing their ability in front of  all of the audiences who see them. Some streets are closed for some hours since the streets are using for this parade.It is a whole day entertainment held in every town in Norway including our town. Everybody seems to enjoy those of entertainment. Most of them are people who are living in this town, but some of them also are coming from other region to see the celebration and visiting their family in this town..

After some hours walking around and seeing some attractions during this indepence day, we just have relax in the café downtown and continue to watch the rest of entertainment afterwards :).

Happy Independence Day to Norway Country!

Kami memancing ikan di belakang rumah. Ketepatan sinar matahari begitu indahnya menyinari teluk di belakang rumah kami. Saat mengulur tali pancing yang pertama, tiba-tiba pancing terasa berat…Mmmh apa ini benar-benar ikan atau mata pancing tersangkut rumput laut? Saat menarik tali lebih cepat lagi, ternyata ada perlawanan dan gerakan dari dalam laut…Beberapa menit kemudian terlihat ikan dan gerakannya yang lincah jarak dekat dibawah permukaan laut…Dan pada waktu diangkat ternyata ikan yang kami dapat kategori besar…senang sekali rasanya…

Kemudian kami mengarahkan pancing ke arah yang lain. Tidak disangka-sangka ada perlawanan lagi dibawah permukaan laut. Dan saat tali pancing di angkat, ternyata ikan cukup besar sudah memakan mata pancing kami…amazing…Dalam waktu kurang satu jam, kami mendapatkan 3 ekor ikan yang besar-besar. Wow what a beautiful day!

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