April 2010

Today, we celebrate Spring Festival 2010 in our town. This event is made as a signal when spring season has come. A lot of people come to downtown to enjoy the festival.  We may see kind of entertainments, music and food bazaar offering in the festival. We may taste the food from original norwegian panecake til vietnamese springroll meanwhile we can enjoy music from several well-known band in our town. A group dancing from African woman also make the festival more attractive.

Besides, many shops also sell good quality products with high discount price as you cannot imagine… Many people including us buy a lot of things that we need from this festival. Buying a lot and saving a lot too.  Have a nice weekend!


Spring time has come…It is a really nice moment when the flower and plant start growing and blooming. It is a really good time also when weather is getting warmer and the sky is clear. In Norway, spring time is the best season ever in the whole year when many people start doing outdoor activities. We just walked around a beautiful lake outside the city.

 It was a really nice place to visit indeed!

Dear friends,

It was a nice time we spent days together. We just would like to say thank you for your friendship and your kindness.

A lot of nice memories harldy to forget indeed. Hopefully we can meet again.  We wishes you all the best!

It is nice moment to have gathering with friends and to have such good fellowship after Easter holiday as my wife and her friends have a nice gathering today in her friend’s house. The weather is getting warmer since spring season is coming. A cup of tea and cakes make the fellowship more enjoyable.

Hopefully to have such kind of fellowship next time!

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