Today is the last day that my wife and her friends have a social culture gathering. The gathering was nice and it conducted during 5 working days.  Teacher and friends also were very friendly, talk active, and charming. They had a lot of discussion and hard talked, but at the end was ended with a nice conclusion. A lot of sharing information can be gained in this class and it was useful for everyone. This is one of added value by having a such gathering like this.

Some friends are known already by her, but some are new. They mosly come from USA, Asia, and Africa countries. Besides knowing about this country, they also got understanding about other culture from other countries. Every cultures and government regulation for every countries are unique and adapted with their condition.

The topic mostly discussed not only about regulation, also about health care, public and private services, and education. Weather also become a hot topic to discuss in this class especially this year where winter come with heavy snow in this city.

At the end of the class, they gathered and brought food to share with other friends. Her friends from Philippine brought a delicious asia food. Others brought candy, chocolate and also soft drink. It was a nice gathering to end this class.  They did not forget also to give a flower and thankful card to the teacher.

Hopefully to meet them again!