As Numbeo Report at the beginning 2010, the city where we live now, Stavanger, becomes the most expensive city in the world after Oslo, Norway and  Breda, Netherlands in the second and third position. New York as the city benckmark for this survey is on the ranking 33rd.

We just suprised with the news… and yes indeed it is true…expensive and quality of life are two major things to discuss in this city!

The ranking of the most expensive city in the world followed by :
1.    Stavanger, Norway   (CPI 169.20)
2.    Oslo, Norway (152.85)
3.    Breda, Netherlands (139.70)
4.    Copenhagen, Denmark  (138.91)
5.    Zurich, Switzerland;  (132.03)
6.    Paris, France    (130.30)
7.    Geneva, Switzerland (122.69)
8.    Milan, Italy   (122.58)
9.    Dublin, Ireland (120.79)
10. Brussels, Belgium (120.00)