January 2010

Hari ini ketepatan saya membaca majalah Journal of Petroleum Technology-JPT edisi  Januari 2010 (yang diterbitkan oleh Organisasi SPE dunia), dimana ketepatan nama saya tercantum sebagai salah satu penulis journal tersebut.

Selain dikemas dalam bentuk hard magazine, dapat dilihat secara online di link:

Cover dan Daftar Isi:


Rincian Journal:





Terkadang kebanyakan orang sering mengeluh betapa teriknya sinar matahari mampu membuat tubuh berpeluh keringat yang membuat badan terasa gerah. Akan tetapi, siapa yang menyangka sinar matahari menjadi begitu berharga saat dia mampu menghangatkan alam  sekitar teluk Jøsenfjorden yang saat itu jauh di bawah nol derajat di musim dingin dan salju lebat menyelimuti pegunungan sekitarnya.

Link :


It is a good time to enjoy Trad Jazz Festival held in Stavanger for these couple weeks. The performances of some Jazz groups could be found in some places, such as café, hall toll, hotel longue, and restaurant. We just saw the jazz group performance today in the town. It was really nice to hear the jazz instrument while they played melody. Some little attraction also came from one of the group making the time much more fun.People really like their performance for the couple of hours. We did not realize that we were at the end of their performance.

After attending the jazz festival, we went around downtown and saw a lot of people come to the town maybe for enjoying the jazz festival. After walking for while outside and feeling cold (yes indeed since this time is still winter period while snow could be found everywhere around the city), we just entered one café to drink a coffee and a hot chocolate, ate some cakes .. Mmmh so warm …

It was a perfect afternoon coffee time:)

Tonight, my wife just had a Sisterhood Gathering together with her friends, called Sisterhood Winter Wonderland. The event is only for women. It is a good opportunity to talk and share about a lot of things. They had dinner together, some entertainment and some speech from the group leader. They really enjoyed to have such a good time together and everybody looked have fun.

Thanks to the committee that provided a nice decoration and good food for this event. Each person also got the nice gift from the committee. We appreciate with the good quality work from the committe so that this event succefully ran well.  It will be good to have such of kind activity also next time.

Have a nice weekend!

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