Today we have a Christmas celebration from our church. In Norway, they called the event as a Julebord Party. We have a special dinner together with our friends to celebrate this event. A lot of people came including us, sat down in the round table. We shared one another before the event began.
For dinner itself, the committee provided the original Norwegian food and drink. The food was so delicious especially the meat and vegetables giving the different kind of taste. After enjoying the dinner, we may enjoy some of the entertainment from our friends such as dancing, singing, and joking before we have another break for eating cake and coffee/tea. Again, those were delicious cakes!

Following the event, the committee made quiz for us per round table. Each table answered some questions that they have made. It was a fun quiz and we enjoyed working as a group. Afterwards, the events were followed by group band to sing christmas song… 🙂
At the end of the event, we just realized that it was the time to go back home. We enjoyed Julebord Party very much. Hopefully we will have another Julebord Party next year. Thanks to God and committee also for this nice event happen.
Through it all by Hillsong :