di FjordWe were so happy that my wife´s friend visit us this saturday. She is living in Indonesia currently and had business trip for couple of days in Paris. She travelled this weekend to Stavanger. It was about 4 years ago we met each other in Jakarta, and it was amazing that we met again in Stavanger

After picking her up in Sola Airport, my wife and her went to downtown and walked around the city. Then they went to Thai Resto to have a dinner and continued  having a cup of hot Cappucino in the Cafe. It was a really nice moment that they spent time together to have reunion, power sharing and updated information. After that, they went back to home and took a rest.di lake

In early morning, my wife brought her to the deck behind our house. She enjoyed the panorama so much especially fjord, houses, mountain, ships and sunrise…Then they took a picture.. After that, they went around the fjord nearby our house and continued to Stavanger to meet me since I had travelled this weekend and just came back to Stavanger. Then we just walked along the city, took pictures and had a cup of coffee and some food. It was really nice time for us to share each other even in a short time.

di CafeIt was the time we brought her back to Paris. Having finished our coffee, we went to our car and directly went to Sola Airport.. Saying goodbye each other…hopefully we will met someday and somewhere….

Success and greetings for you and your family ya bu 🙂