HillsongLondonInStavanger_021009It was such a wonderful moment for us who came to the Hillsong London Concert at Stavanger town to have a such nice fellowship and worship with God. The spirit of God changes the atmosphere and let all people humble before Him.  Yes indeed, He is God Almighty creating the Universe and human being…Again, if God is with us who can be against us? No one!

So many people came to the concert last night and we saw a lot of teenager and young people came to worship Him. It just only because of Him giving us a Grace and Free Salvation.

 We finally came to the end of the concert and felt that  we did not want to go back home. But, we know that  praise and worship may continue in our daily life cause He is God  and He is there in every single time in our life. So, why not, Let`s  continue to Praise Him for the rest of our life!