October 2009

1. at the church before sundayBy His Grace, we may come to visit SCOAN-Synagoge Church of All Nations (www.scoan.org) in Lagos, Nigeria from 26 August-01 September 2009. At the time, we landed at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria, SCOAN team have waited for us to bring us together with other visitors to the church. When we arrived at the church at the night, some evangelists have warmly welcomed us and friendly gave us some information regarding to this church activities, such what we will do during the visit, where the canteen that we may eat, where the room to stay. They were so nice and served us with good hospitality. We found our room was comfortable for us to stay.2. Queque before entering church It was quite unique because all accommodation, meals and activities were held in the church.

The church is so big since every week almost 20,000 people come to praise and worship at  SCOAN.  At the beginning around 20 years ago,   this church started very little under the palm roof without any wall. Then now days, this church is still growing and we hope that many people came to know more about Jesus through this church. And I do believe that not only in this place God is so real, but also around the world.3. Before Sunday Services began

On Sunday early morning, at 5 o´clock, we heard already so many people waited outside the church until the gate opened. The Sunday services  started from 10 o´clock in the morning until 10 o´clock in the evening divided into 2 services.  We wondered what happen during that services.  The Sunday services were broadcasted lively on television, via satellite and internet on www.emmanuel.tv every week.5. Together with other visitors

During the services, people were experiencing with God presence. Although we had gone to some other crusades, but God is so real and powerful in here also. The services consisted of Praise & Worship, Preaching, Propethic 7. Church building from outside1Messages for people and nations, healing, deliverences, and testimonies. We also got our blessing & propethic messages from Prophet TB Joshua. We confirmed those were true. The propethic messages are unique for each person.

 During the services also there were time when this church gave some help (rice, money, scholarship) to needy people. We saw a lot of the needy people came in front of altar to share their difficulties before this church help them based on their needs. This real action became a good example for us and many people who came to the services to look for the needy in our communities. We hope that this real action also happen to many churches now days around the world.10. Taking picture with SCOAN Transportation before back to Norway

We are really blessed with our short journey to come to SCOAN Lagos Nigeria. It was such an opportunity for us to visit this church by His Grace. We were surprised to see how they organized everything during the church activities. It was really well organized. We just noticed where we were in SCOAN that Prophet TB Joshua and SCOAN Team held crusades on 2007 in Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and Korea.

11. At Lagos International Airport before departure back to NorwayIf you would like to know more about the church activities, you may visit their websites or watch on www.emmanuel.tv 24hours. There are a lot of things that we may see and watch to encourage our faith day by day. At the end of our journey, we had a chance to see Prophet TB Joshua one by one and he prayed for us personally in his office room.  After that, the SCOAN team brought us back to the airport prior to our departure to Norway.9. SCOAN from outside

We could not tell you much than this unless you will visit the SCOAN or also watch their television broadcast. Hopefully we will come back someday to  SCOAN…:). We really enjoyed the time praying and worship Jesus in SCOAN church together with people who come to this church. Again, the hospitality, kindness, caring, responsibility, servant of God, fear of God, hardworking, humble, obey, dedicated, helping the needy…Those all key words remain in our heart.  

12. in televisionHaving arrived in Norway, we still continue to see what happen in SCOAN by watching the emmanuel.tv. One day, we found that they repeated the Sunday service where we were there at time. We memorized it directly through our camera. Ya..We still remember that we sat down in front of Prophet in the first line. It was such a nice gift from Jesus to us to see the Prophet preached directly in front of us :). Meanwhile don´t forget, the Presence of God is always be with us where ever we are!

Remember, Better Is Not Good Enough, The Best Is Always Yet To Come!

Keep in faith in Jesus Christ.




Ikan Mas Arsik1Seringkali kami kangen masakan-masakan Indonesia dimana sulit untuk ditemukan di negara tempat kami tinggal saat ini. Berbagai cara kami lakukan untuk dapat memasak masakan Indonesia dengan bumbu yang bisa didapat di Toko Thailand, meskipun seringkali bumbu-bumbu tersebut tidak semuanya tersedia.Ikan Mas Arsik2

Hari ini ketepatan udara cukup dingin…mmmhhh kami mulai memikirkan satu masakan khas Batak yang cukup sering kami makan di Indonesia: Ikan Mas Arsik…kemudian kami menelusuri  resep masakan Khas Batak ini di google (mungkin jika teman-teman ingin mempraktekkannya juga bisa melihat link di bawah ini) :


Ketepatan beberapa bumbu telah tersedia di kulkas, namun beberapa bumbu seperti andaliman dan bawang batak (lokio) tidak ditemukan di Toko Thailand…Setelah beberapa waktu lamanya, ikan mas arsik pun selesai di masak…mmmhhh lezat sekali rasanya meskipun beberapa bumbu utama tidak ada di dalamnya, tapi tidak mengalahkan rasa nikmat memakan ikan mas arsik di negeri orang…:)

Social Gathering1Seminggu yang lalu, ketepatan istri saya mengikuti Social Class Gathering bersama dengan rekan-rekan dari berbagai negara selama lima hari. Maksud dan tujuan utama dari kegiatan ini adalah untuk memperkenalkan kebudayaan negara Norwegia dan  komunitasnya dengan para pendatang dari luar Norwegia sendiri.Social Gathering2

Kelas ini dapat juga dikatakan  wajib diikuti oleh seluruh pendatang dari luar negara Norwegia. Di samping itu juga,  nilai plus kegiatan ini adalah untuk menambah jaringan dan sosialisasi  diantara rekan-rekan yang hadir dalam kegiatan ini. Fun gathering! Selamat makan-makan deh kalo gitu…:)

IMG_1602Bergantinya musim seiring juga dengan bergantinya kegiatan olah raga kebanyakan orang di Stavanger. Di musim panas, terlihat banyak orang berolah raga selancar air  dikarenakan negara Norwegia dikelilingi oleh teluk dan laut yang menjadikan olah raga ini digemari oleh banyak orang, selain olah raga lari, kano, dan sepeda.  Memasuki musim gugur, pergantian jenis olah raga pun terjadi, dari olah raga di luar ruangan menjadi olah raga di dalam ruangan  seperti olah raga fitness, tenis meja, dan bola tangan. Sehabis kerja  kantor, biasanya kebanyakan orang  bermain tenis meja dan bola tangan 🙂

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