img_1246We went to centrum at mid-day. We were curious that many people in this area today. We went directly to the middle of the town to see what happened. It was a festival market today! There were some groups spreading this area singing some songs, playing the music instruments, and selling many kind of products and food. We found alot of people walking through this festival and enjoying the entertainment and buying the products. Many people also sat down outdoor cafe to enjoy their drink and the crowded…


We, of course also enjoyed our time here, especially the artist who sang or played the instrument musics. Today, the weather was very nice making people did not want to step their foot out of this festival area in nearly further. We believe that some more activities will be held in our town since the spring is coming.


img_12441Then, we continued our walking to fjord, just enjoying the nice view, seeing people chat, sit down, driving boats, and fishing. Two boys did fishing nearby the fjord and made us wanna fishing also. We directly came back home, took our fishing stuff and went to back house for fishing…really enjoying the time today!