img_11911On last weekend, we planned to go to Kongsberg for special purpose and site seeing along this city located nearby Oslo. We enjoyed to have a trip in this spring time since the weather is warmer and nicer of the sunshine.img_12081


In the middle of the town, we may see the little waterfall river flowing the water from upstream to downstream area and this waterfall divided the town. In the side of the river, we may see the small park where people can sit down, chit-chat, jogging, and enjoying the sunshine while seeing and hearing the waterfall. We spent couple of minute enjoying the nice time in the park.


img_12102Then we continue to have a small gathering with friends for a few hours…After finish, we continue to take a while to the city. There is a restaurant, namely Barolo (we suggest you to come here while visiting Kongsberg)…We sat down outside, enjoying Pizza Margaretha and Capuccino and we may see the beautiful waterfall river again from this restaurant. What`s a nice day…


At the night, we prepared to go back to Stavanger….