img_0932We just found our new church after we settled in our new apartment. Asking one of our college, he recommends us to go and have a fellowship in this church. We went there and had a good fellowship. The community are also very nice and warm to us. They are mostly Norwegian people with young teenager and young couple married.

The ceremony also is quite similar with what we need and experience img_09287before, the songs are mostly in English, except the Sermon which is in Norwegian Language, but indeed we do not need worry since they have a translator equipment to English version. We enjoy the seremony a lot. My wife also interested with the bible study provided by the cell group every second week of the month. It will be started on the mid of feb. 09.

Going back home, we listen to the song from Lenny Leblanc…just an awesome song for us…

Princess and paupers


kneel at the throne of grace….