img_0599Suprisingly, when I opened the door going to this office in early morning, I found all snow in everywhere… must be cold…I know…Just for the info, It is not common to have a snow in Stavanger, this is the second one the snow came after the first one was on the December 2008…img_06221


It just lucky that the bus stop is only 1 minute from our house so I need only small walk to reach the bus stop then in view second the bus passed the bus stop where I stand. I just jumped up into the bus…feeling warmer and comfortable….


img_0625I do not forget to memorize snowing moment….I took the picture nearby our house where there was a beautiful sea and white mountain and fjord where the small ship park in.. Thanks God for the chance that we may see the beautiful panorama today,  we never forget this moment. The moment where we may feel the peace with the nature. It is beautiful, isn´t it?