img_0609It is almost late when we came to Traficstajion (Statens Vegvesen), the government office where we can register for a driving license in Stavanger.  The place is quite far away from the bus station, we should walk about 10 minutes to reach there. But, we just lucky that the office still opened when we came. We only the visitor who were there….Then we registered our temporary driving license to drive in Norway (it could be used 3 months from now), and we will wait for another announcement from the officer about the next step what we should do after this, e.g taking a trafjic skole. Many thanks to the woman officer who helped us for the registration process.


Finally, I and my wife got our temporary driving license. It means that starting from now, we can drive a car in Norway…yeaahhh…it is sound nice…BUT, where the car to be drived? hehe…Good Question!… we are still searching the best for us…let see for the couple of weeks, hopefully we find the good one…


Suddenly after the registration, we were so hungry and just decided to go back home soon and had a dinner, watched the movie borrowed from the bibliothek by my wife. I plan to drink a hot tea meanwhile my wife prefer to drink a hot coffee…Tonight, it will be a good night for us..!