Today, I am starting my Norwegian Language Class after office hour. My wife will be joining the class at the begining of May 2009. It is quite different from other language that I have ever studied.  Beside English, I am quite good speak France, and of course Indonesian Language. I am not quite good in German language even though I spent couple of years in Austria and couple of months in German, but I had still no enough time to learn. I really would like to learn this language someday.

It just lucky that most people in this country could speak English easily helped me and my family quickly to adapt. Until now, we are still adapting with so many things, and getting better and better….

Joining my first class, it was quite difficult for me to understand the teacher speaking since she was directly using Norwegian language.  My face must be looked confuse…but I just realized that not only me has the same face reaction. All the class all confuse also… :).  Hopefully the next class will be better than before…Pffuuuhhhh… 

Tussen Takk!