What a busy couple days that we spent time to pack and re-pack our stuff from a previous house to the new house. We really like a previous one so much with a comfortable furniture and facility, and of course a very warm landlord. But we should move soon since the previous one only rent for couple of months. We move to our new house as per 31 January


Our new house is not far away from the previous one. We really like it so much since the house is designed with simple-modern interior. We really like the wall colour, sofa, bed, toilet, and especially kitchen. Everything is put on the right place to toilet1maximaze room space. We do not need to provide anything except just add some small plants and carpets to make the house more comfortable.We just lucky got this house since it was difficult to find the best one for us togarbage stay longer. We already visited almost seven potential houses, but all stucked with price, location, transportation, and room condition. Our new house is good combination among all, not only that, this house also are equipped by good car garage, small warehouse, and modern-garbage system. This house is chosen by my wife, I know her taste is so good…



At the afternoon, we usually walk behind nearby our house to see a beautiful fjord, small ship flying over the sea, the beautiful mountain and nice sunset. The panorama is really nice even in the winter time, sea21especially when the sun shine that we may see the fjord clearly. What such a beautiful new house and surrounding that God gives us to live. Hopefully, we may stay longer in here….