I just got happy since our office team building chose Røros as a place to stay for couple days. We flight early morning 14 January 2009 from Sola Airport in Stavanger and arrived at Oslo Airport within 50 minutes and countinue our trips to Røros which can be reached 4 hours by train from Oslo.


Røros is located in the mountain area and quite cold where the temperature is house1 around -10 to -30 degree Celcius in the winter time. We found alot of snow in outside building. But indeed, Røros, as one of the old town in Norway, is really beautiful town. All ornament, building, panorama gave a depth impression in my heart.



jimmyPeople said that the town will be very nice also during a summertime and alot of tourists come to see this beautiful town during the summer. I enjoyed spent couples of day in Røros and at 16 January 2009, we went back to Stavanger via Oslo Airport.


Now, I can feel Stavanger weather warmer compare to Røros, and I missed my family alot and really enjoyed the time with my family on the weekend!