What´s a nice gift that God gave us the time and chance to meet my brother in law in the place that we never expected before, Stavanger-Norway. We shared the positive value and energy together through the life sharing. He came to Stavanger from France since he has training there in couple of days.   He stayed here from 14 till 17 Dec 08.
It was really quite tough to manage my time to accompany him (since I should go everyday early morning to the office), but thanks to my wife that she can take him walking around Stavanger to see the downtown, fjord, and taste some delicious food in some restaurants. I usually met them after office hour, directly went to the meeting point and had a dinner together. We really like the Thai Restaurant which gave almost the same taste with Indonesia food. My brother in law really like salmon fishes and enjoyed the food. It just like a dream to meet my brother in law in Stavanger, but I thank again to God for this opportunity. Although he only stayed here couple of days and should be back to Kuala Lumpur to meet his lovely family, but I do believe that his visiting gave us a special moment in our heart and peacefulness.