farewell party

farewell party

I never forget my daily life 3 years in this lovely city, Graz, where I mostly spent my time such in the campus, community and family which gave me a lot of  life experiences and maturity. All the streets, places, and restaurants especially `KEBAB´ hehehe made me always remember about this city. One of the place that I with my family spent most of our time  was ´Hauplatz´ where we can have a cup of coffee while standing among beautiful buildings in this area, especially at night, which gave a nice taste and special feeling.

thanks for coming

thanks for coming

It was a very unforgettable moment when we shared our joy and happinnes through our family´s  farewell party @ 25 October 08 together with Indograzer. Most Indonesia students´ came in to our farewell party. Thanks a lot for your careness and attention during our stay in Graz! Danken


We had also invited our lovely friends, Ted and Grete, for a lunch at Ginko before we left. We really thankful for your careness and attention during our stay at Graz.  Ted and Grete will spend their winter and spring time 2008  in US before come to Graz again in Summer 2009. So, it was a small farewell for both of our family to say goodbye each other..but we will still keep in touch with you…


And we will gonna miss our lovely friends in KEPHAS Church and also Pastor Christine,Pastor Kai, and Pastor Klammart for services and support during our fellowship at  KEPHAS. We still download and hear the sermon from Pastor Klammart until now, it is so powerful and meaningful for us. And hopefully, we will hear the baby born from you Pastor Christine soon!


On the last week we stay in Graz, we just met our new Indonesian friend who lived in Graz, Mba Christin in Lebaran Open House 2008 at Mba Endah house. Then we started to keep in touch and share our life experience with us, it was amazing that God gave us a  chance to know each other. Thank you for your kindness inviting us for lunch at Chenese Resto…We never been there before, the taste was good expecially the Chili…wow..really touching our tounge..hehe..again thank you!

It´s time we should leave this lovely city and continue our new journey…time goes fast..but the memory in this city  still remind in our heart …