s3010973I just came back from the International Wireless Communication and Mobile Computer Conference (IWCMC) which was held at Creta Island, Greece from August 6-8, 2008. I did the presentation of my paper which has been accepted by the committe ( The conference was taken place at Creta Maris Hotel with the good quality hotel and nice panorama.


I enjoyed staying there for couple of days since I have never been to Creta before and this island iss3010979 one of the tourist destination in the world. Indeed, Creta Island is so beautiful Island with the Mediteratian Culture and nice people.


s3011024I just walked around the city until I have tired but my eyes still want to see every corner of this city. The weather is warm as in Indonesia, since it was a summer time when I came there. I saw many people enjoy their time in this beautiful Island. Please come and enjoy your time also in here someday. I recommend this Island to be visited !