s30101061I have attended my first International Conference (PIMRC2007) in Athens, Greece since my paper has been accepted and to be presented at this conference (http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/freeabs_all.jsp?arnumber=4394795). The conference was taken place in Hilton Hotel at downtown of this city.


Athens is a live city with a lot of activities until night. I asked my wife to go with me also to Athens.s3010112 We spent our time to go to almost every corner of the city. It was so fantastics that a lot of restaurant opened until 2 am. I just remembered when we bought the food from restaurant take away was cheaper than when we ate in the restaurant. It is not like in Indonesia, the price is the same when we sit down or take away…


s30101331We went to Plaka area, one of the busiest place among all, where a lot of restaurant and entertainment are there. From Plaka we can see the Akropolis. The Acropolis of Athens is the best known in the world. Although there are many other acropolises in Greece, the significance of the Acropolis of Athens is such that it is commonly known as The Acropolis without qualification. The Acropolis was formally proclaimed as the pre-eminent monument on the European Cultural Heritage list of monuments on 26 March 2007.The Acropolis is a flat-topped rock which rises 150 m (490 ft) above sea level in the city of Athens, and it has about 3 hectares of surface area. It was also known as Cecropia, after the legendary serpent-man, Kekrops or Cecrops, the first Athenian king.


Furthermore, we went also to the beach where it can be reached by the tramp. We saw the long beach and it was sos3010155 beautiful. Many people did sun-bathing and enjoyed swimming and waited until sun-set time. I and my wife really enjoyed our time there.


Time went fast. We flight back to Graz, but I really would like to come back there someday!