grand-canyon-us-1997It was such a great opportunity for my wife to go to US since she  joint English Summer Course at University of San Fransisco in year 1997. For me, it was a challenging chance to go far away from hometown since she was  still a young girl at the time. I am salute on her !



San Fransisco is a very nice city for tourism and for live… A City which iswith-my-korean-friends-hollywood-us-1997 consisted of bay area and the mountain. A Golden Gate Bridge which always looks so wonderful. This always come true her mind. The weather is still cool even in the summer time.  She spent 3 months in US and had a tour to some cities such as Utah, Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Las Vegas is the never-sleep-city, full of people, all day and night entertainment and amazed building and tower. She spent whole day in Disney land and also Hollywood. A lot of spectaculer entertainment could be found there. She never forget her jouney. I really enjoyed seeing her pictures.


From Los Angels, she took flight back to San Fransisco and picked her goods and back again to airport to go for good to Indonesia. She stopped over in Singapore and spent couple days there, enjoying China Town, Orchard Roads, and Sentosa Island. Then, she countinued flight to Indonesia and met her family.


What such a very nice trip!